Such A Great Salvation

January 8 - Today's Readings - Genesis 22-24 - Psalms 8 We come today to a fascinating account in Scripture where God shows Abraham what His great salvation is all about. The way God goes about this almost inconceivable to us but in ancient days, the "gods" routinely required human sacrifice to appease them. Scripture after Scripture forbids us from taking human life which is why we oppose Continue Reading

It’s God’s Stuff

July 8 – Today’s Readings - Isaiah 25-27 and Psalms 8 I would like to make a short comment concerning the difficult sections in Isaiah that we have been reading. There is plenty of evidence in these passages confirming the fact that God is going to indeed judge the world - that God is at work redeeming a group of people to Himself - that God is sovereign over all the earth and Earth, as we know Continue Reading