They sought Him Out – He Responded

February 10 - Today's Readings - Exodus 39-40 and Psalms 40 Here, in the last chapter of Exodus, we find a group of people who made a concerted effort to approach the Lord with sincere hearts and according to God's will. He responded, of course, and did wonderful things in their lives. This is a pattern repeated in both the Old and New Testaments. At the dedication of the first Temple in Continue Reading

Jeremiah – A “Man Of Wealth and Substance?”

August 10 - Today's Readings - Jeremiah 40-42 and Psalms 40 At this point in the book, Jeremiah transitions from “the most hated man in Israel” to “THE MAN” to whom all go to seek God and receive wisdom. His status changes from “pauper” to "man of wealth and substance", having been blessed by the commander of the armies of Babylon. [Quick thought – he didn’t refuse the money even though it came Continue Reading