The Tower

January 4 - Today's Readings - Genesis 10-12 and Psalms 4 Good morning all. I want to focus on 2 things from our readings today. Genesis 11:4 refers to the tower that men began to build. They did it of course to make a name for themselves - to appear to be the most powerful - to be the "top dog". “Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, Continue Reading


July 4 - Today's Readings - Isaiah 13-15 and Psalms 4 Please re-read the following passage from Isaiah Chapter 14:4-17;“You will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end! How his fury has ended! The LORD has broken the rod of the wicked, the scepter of the rulers, which in anger struck down peoples with unceasing blows, and in fury subdued nations Continue Reading