He Watches

July 30 – Today’s Readings - Jeremiah 7-9 and Psalms 30 Chapter 7 is chilling in its assessment of religious people who do not live out their confession of faith. They go to the temple; they offer sin offerings and fellowship offerings and they say in their hearts that because they have done these things they will be “safe”. The problem is that they then go out and LIVE contrary to what they Continue Reading

God Wanted Them To Know

January 30 - Today's Readings - Exodus 7-9 and Psalms 30 Plagues! Wow this is really intense. Did you ever wonder why all this stuff was happening in Egypt? Yes, yes - I know - God wanted to deliver His people - but aside from that, I think God wanted to speak to Egypt (and the then-know world as well). He was also ready to pass judgement on all the nations living in the land of Palestine. Continue Reading