Hypocrites And Goats

January 26 - Today's Readings - Matthew 23-25 and Psalms 26 In the NIV translation, I counted the word "hypocrite" six times in Chapter 23. This does not include references to "children of hell, blind guides, blind Pharisees, whitewashed tombs, dead men's bones, snakes, brood of vipers, condemned to hell, murderers, torturers and persecutors of the righteous"! Jesus Himself pronounced these Continue Reading

Dress Code??

July 26 – Today’s Readings - 1Corinthians 11-13 and Psalms 26 The reason Paul's teaching sometimes seems difficult for us is that we don't connect his instruction with the context and time frame it was written in. In this section, Paul was trying to bring order into a Church were chaos ruled. He spoke to them about "dress code" and outward appearance of the men and women in the Church because Continue Reading