Never Argue The Meaning Of A Book With The Author

January 25 - Today's Readings - Matthew 20-22 and Psalms 25 I couldn’t limit my comments to only one section of the reading today, so bear with me as I ramble a bit. First of all, NEVER argue with Jesus about His Book! Wow did those religious guys ever get in trouble! What strikes me in all of this is that these fellows were trying to manipulate Scripture in order to justify themselves or to Continue Reading


July 25 – Today’s Readings - 1Corinthians 8-10 and Psalms 25 The "spiritual freedom" that some of the Corinthian Christians were so proud of seemed to also have a dark side to it. They were boasting about the man who was sleeping with his father’s wife! – Why? – “Because we are all under grace. – All things are permissible for us - don't you know.” They were eating food sacrificed to idols Continue Reading