Jesus Teaches

January 22 - Today's Readings - Matthew 11-13 and Psalms 22 When Jesus speaks in Scripture, you want to read it slowly or perhaps twice. Every time He opened His mouth to speak, He exposed God’s kingdom and God’s character. Here are three of my favorite thoughts from today’s reading: 1. The kingdom of God is something so special that you "sell all you have" to get it. What exactly does this Continue Reading

Flexibility and Honor

July 22 - Today's Readings - 1Corinthians 1-2 and Psalms 22 If you get a chance, re-read Psalm 22 and highlight all the references to Jesus’ suffering on the cross - His prayer for himself and for the people - and His heart for God’s purposes. It's amazing to realize that, so many years before Christ, this Prophet/Psalmist had "Messianic" insight by the Holy Spirit. Here are some “Jesus” Continue Reading