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According To Your Word

October 29 – Today’s Reading – Psalms 119

Previously, on April 28, I sent out an overview of all that the Word of God actively accomplishes in our lives – the way it keeps us on track and the power it brings to the life of a believer. Today I want to focus in on a small portion of Psalm 119. Verses: 9-11; “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Here is a secret that many Christians have not tapped into. This psalmist had a desire to live for God. He didn’t want anything to get in the way, so he implemented a “spiritual discipline” in his life. It takes effort to read and meditate on the Word of God so that it gets into your heart. It also takes spiritual discipline to set time aside to pray consistently. I have found that I do some of my best daily praying when I walk or ride my bike by the river because my mind and lips are free of distractions and I can focus on worship and intercession along with exercise and experiencing closeness to God. Having said that, there is also a need for extended “intimacy” times with the Lord – time set aside purposefully to do nothing else but wait on God. Extended Church worship and prayer encounters are excellent venues for this kind of prayer. Quiet meditative times, reading and praying are also a marvellous way to draw near to Him once again.

We can’t expect to know the Word if we only listen to a sermon every two weeks, nor can we expect to know God’s voice if we never stop and listen to Him. It’s amazing how God’s Word is “hidden in our hearts” when we make it a priority – when we invest the time to know it and understand it. I never worry too much about the things I don’t fully understand from the Word. It’s the things I really do understand and don’t put into practice that concern me. This is where seeking the Lord with all my heart comes into play. Reading the Word without seeking God, the Holy Spirit, for proper application in our lives is like hiring a researcher to tell me all about my wife without ever speaking to her directly. I could know where she works, her family background, what her income is, where she goes to church, how many children she has…etc. All of this information would not matter a hill of beans if I never spoke to her and discovered her HEART. This is where reading, meditating on the Word and speaking with Him is a combination that will keep us from wandering and will help to keep our way pure.

I know I’m preaching to the choir when I challenge you to read to Word but I need to encourage you – “You are on the right track!” Remember, however that the Word without the Spirit won’t spark the life in you that you desire. Keep praying over the Word and you will see things that will change your life. You will receive strength and anointing to stand up and say, “enough is enough” – and to live the way The Lord directs you.

“I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.”


1. Tell of an instance in the Word of God where someone read the It, applied It and had a transforming experience.
2. Tell of a time when God clearly spoke to you from the pages of the Bible.

The Word of God

April 29 – Today’s Readings – Psalms 119

In one way or another, almost every verse in this wonderful Psalm makes reference to the Word of God and how much we are in need of it. I counted 175 references to “The Word” in 176 verses – “Your commands – Your law – Your precepts – Your word – Your decrees – Your promises – Your statutes – Your righteous laws – Your righteous promise – The commands of God – The word of truth” – All of these descriptive words are used to describe one thing – THE HOLY SCRIPTURE.

The other fascinating thing to me is to see all of the blessings that will come to us if we make the principles of the Word of God a part of our lives. The Word keeps our walk pure – it brings blessing – it leads to no shame – it keeps us from sinning – it allows us to see wonderful things – it removes scorn and contempt from us – it gives us counsel – it preserves our life – it brings us strength – it keeps us from deceitful ways – it sets our hearts free – it brings direction – it keeps us from worthless things – it leads to salvation – it gives us hope – it brings comfort – it brings a hatred of sin – it brings grace – it leads us to good friendships – it brings knowledge and good judgment – it brings delight – it makes us wise and gives us insight and understanding – the Word “tastes” good – it is a lamp – a light for our paths – it brings us “heritage” – it teaches us the fear of God – it sustains us – it gives us discernment – it defends us – it brings great peace! PHEW! This is not an exhaustive list but it is amazing to find all these blessings in one Psalm. This one is worth some meditation!

These verses also make me think of so many others in Scripture – both Old and New Testament where we see God as a God of great blessing. In the Old Testament the blessings were almost always associated with an “if you do this” then “I’ll bless you” mentality. The people were commanded to keep the decrees of God and if they did they would be blessed. This makes perfect sense because when someone acts upon the principles in the Word of God – even if they are not a believer – they will be blessed. In the New Covenant, blessings follow us simply because we are “In Christ” – “In The Vine” – “A New Creation”. The Word is in us. Therefore walking according to the Word and keeping the precepts of the Word become second nature to us. It is very difficult for a Christian not to be blessed – it would be exhausting work to run away from God and His blessings. If a believer tries hard enough, he may be able to escape but eventually the love of God will ambush him. After all it’s the “goodness of God that leads us to repentance” but only the decisions of a person can keep him there.


1. Tell of a passage of Scripture that has impacted your life in the last month.
2. Tell of a passage of Scripture that has been an anchor to you for a long time.

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