The Word Of God

October 29 – Today’s Reading – Psalms 119 Previously, on April 28, I sent out an overview of all that the Word of God actively accomplishes in our lives - the way it keeps us on track and the power it brings to the life of a believer. Today I want to focus in on a small portion of Psalm 119. Verses: 9-11; "How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I seek you with Continue Reading

The Wonderful Word

April 29 - Today's Readings - Psalms 119 In one way or another, almost every verse in this wonderful Psalm makes reference to the Word of God and how much we are in need of it. I counted 175 references to “The Word” in 176 verses - “Your commands - Your law - Your precepts - Your word - Your decrees - Your promises - Your statutes - Your righteous laws - Your righteous promise - The commands of Continue Reading