About Bible Readers

Welcome to www.biblereaders.ca! Bible Readers began on New Year’s Eve 2009, when a small group of believers from Peoples Church Edmonton were gathered for an evening of fellowship. The conversation lead to “New Year’s Resolutions” and someone said they were going to read the Bible through in one year. When I (Dave) said I thought I would do the same, I was challenged to write a few meditations daily and email them to the rest of the group so we could all read together and be encouraged in our “quest”. What subsequently evolved was a daily email to all who wanted to read Scripture and a Blog where people could add comments and answer questions concerning the day’s readings. What you will find here is a daily set of Bible chapters to read and a meditation that you can comment on. If you follow along, you too will read the Bible through in 1 year and know that many others are reading the same passages at the same time. Enjoy!