January 5 – Today’s Readings – Genesis 13-15 and Psalms 5

Genesis 13 certainly teaches us an important Christian principle. Abraham had somehow managed to gather and train over 300 men “born in his household” and had fashioned them into such a well oiled and united team that they could go to war against impossible odds and be victorious. If you consider the circumstances however, you will soon realize that these weren’t fighting men at all! These were tough, hard-working Bedouin shepherds who were loyal to Abraham! The only thing that set them apart was that they had God’s blessing and God was fighting with them!

There is much to be said about unity, family, obedience, loyalty and the blessing of God. Somehow I think they all fit together extremely well. Isn’t this just like our God? He asks us to follow such simple principles – integrity, diligence and a right relationship with him – and then He adds His blessing to it and brings victory in our lives that only He can accomplish and for which only He can receive glory. It’s an amazing partnership.

When our children were quite young, our family watched the movie “Beethoven” on television – for those of you who are uneducated concerning old children’s movies, this one is all about a huge Saint Bernard (Beethoven) adopted by an inept family. The little boy in the movie was constantly being pushed around by a group of bullies but on one momentous occasion the little guy decided to stand up for himself and the viewing audience knew for certain he was going to lose big time. At the right moment however, Beethoven quietly came around the corner and stood behind the boy. The bullies saw this “ally” and fled for their lives. The boy, not knowing Beethoven was there, thought that it was all his own doing because he had not seen the “guardian angel” standing behind him. This is the way it was the day Abraham led his servants out to war. He did what God called him to do and God provided the victory.

Do you remember being in school and studying like it all depended on you then praying like it all depended on God? Not a bad formula. So it is with our God – “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD”. Today – let him be the strength of your life. May God richly bless you .


1. Compare the unity of Abraham’s men with Jesus’ unity prayer for His Church in John 17. Name at least 2 very good things that could come out of this kind of unity.
2. Give another Bible example of a person who stepped out in faith, knowing that they could be defeated, but God provided the victory.