January 14 – Today’s Reading – Genesis 40-42 And Psalms 14

I was so impressed that in one 24-hour period of time, things could change so dramatically for an individual! The person of whom we speak is Joseph and the 24-hour time block started when Pharaoh received his dream and couldn’t find an interpreter for it. Pharaoh’s Cup Bearer remembered Joseph’s spiritual gifts and before he knew it, the “prisoner” was transformed from scrubby rags in a rat infested prison to a royally dressed, Egyptian-looking ruler of the greatest nation in the then-known world! He won the lottery! His ship came in! – Or did it?

When did Joseph’s “fortune” actually change? When did he really become a powerful man? Wasn’t it years before when he decided to serve the Lord whether he was the slave of Potiphar or a prisoner in the dungeon? I think of all the dungeon-like situations we get ourselves into (sometimes through no fault of our own) and how God can change those circumstances in our lives. In a single day God can change – and will change your future – but that day is when you are sitting in the dungeon and decide to serve God anyway! The outcome of the decision you make in the pit will lead to great deliverance in your life and your descendants for generations to come.

Great victory is the natural outcome of deciding to do things God’s way. The results may not be as dramatic as in Joseph’s situation – (usually things happen a little at a time) – but in large part, most of us can identify a turning point were God changed our lives.

One more thought for you – when God changes you, He will also begin to work on those around you. In Joseph’s case, God began immediately to “speak to” Joseph’s brothers. He used this humble leader to confront the sin in his brother’s lives. The beginning of deliverance in their lives was when they were forced to ask their brother for grain. They had to bow down to the one they swore they would never bow down to.

God brought them down so that He could lift them up. The only way they could save their families was to once again do things God’s way. The righteous man (Joseph) stood tall in the midst of them and brought them all back under the covering of the Almighty. Keep praying for your loved ones. God is fixing a plan to fix them!


1. Are you in some kind of captivity – a pit – a dungeon – in slavery?

2. If the answer is yes – is there a reason God has you there?

3. What attitude is God asking of you in the middle of your trial or dungeon-place?