Psalms 91

April 1 – Today’s Readings – Deuteronomy 1-3 and Psalms 91 Seeing that our Deuteronomy reading today is a review – [a great review I might add, with some juicy details omitted elsewhere] – I decided to focus on one of the great Psalms of Scripture. In Psalm 91 you will find a fantastic portrait… Read more Psalms 91

Gone Fishing

March 31 – Today’s Readings – John 19-21 In Chapter 21 of John, Jesus’ restorative conversation with Peter is both wonderful and fascinating. As a backdrop to this story, we need to emphasize that Peter had been present at the empty tomb with John (Chapter 20: 8-9) – He was probably there in verses 19-21… Read more Gone Fishing

A Weighty Matter

March 30 – Today’s Readings – John 17-18 and Psalms 90 Two thoughts struck me today in our Gospel of John reading. 1) In John 17, Jesus makes a direct link between the unity of believers and the world “believing” in Him. In other words – we have a direct role to play – even… Read more A Weighty Matter

The Heart of God

March 29 – John 15-16 and Psalms 89 It’s amazing to me how Jesus could so easily simplify concepts – and yet use such rich language doing so. Twice in this reading He insists that His simple command is; “love each other”. Seemingly, in these three words, Jesus sums up all the Commandments, the Law… Read more The Heart of God

Staying “Clean”

March 28 – Today’s Readings – John 13-14 and Psalms 88 Talk about two lessons in one! First Jesus teaches the disciples that they should be humble servants to one another – to the point of washing one another’s feet – but then He also instructs us about how to remain “clean”. Verses 6-10 of… Read more Staying “Clean”