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A Parent’s Tongue

January 17 - Today's Readings - Genesis 49-50 and Psalms 17 My meditation today concerns the power of the tongue - in this case, Jacob's tongue - the words of a parent. The pronouncement of blessing or rebuke upon his children profoundly impacted whether they would be blessed and prosper or not. He had enormous "word power" by saying certain things and showing approval or disapproval towards Continue Reading

God’s “Government” In My Heart

January 16 - Today's Readings - Genesis 46-48 and Psalms 16 I'm going to divert from my usual style this morning and talk about politics - well not really politics but forms of government. We pride ourselves on our style of government to the point of using it as an excuse to go to war to "help" others see the virtues of democracy. Please don't misunderstand – democracy is about the best we’ve Continue Reading

The Big Picture

January 15 - Today's Readings - Genesis 43-45 and Psalms 15 It’s a marvel to me that “God's timetable” is constantly at work in our lives. In these chapters we see Joseph's boyhood dreams coming to pass many years down the road when his brothers came and bowed down to him. These chapters also give a great “birds eye view” of how God allowed circumstances to unfold in order to bring these Continue Reading

In 24 Hours

January 14 - Today's Reading - Genesis 40-42 And Psalms 14 I was so impressed that in one 24-hour period of time, things could change so dramatically for an individual! The person of whom we speak is Joseph and the 24-hour time block started when Pharaoh received his dream and couldn’t find an interpreter for it. Pharaoh’s Cup Bearer remembered Joseph’s spiritual gifts and before he knew it, Continue Reading

God’s Will Sometimes Accomplished In Messy Situations

January 13 - Today's Readings - Genesis 37-39 - and Psalms 13 I was wondering how things would have worked out for Joseph if his father had not favoured him more than his brothers – if Joseph had not repeated his dreams to his brothers and father - if his father had not always kept him at home, only sending him out to "spy" on his brothers or to do special missions for him. It’s unwise and Continue Reading