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“Gone Fishing”

March 31 - Today's Readings - John 19-21 In Chapter 21 of John, Jesus’ restorative conversation with Peter is both wonderful and fascinating. As a backdrop to this story, we need to emphasize that Peter had been present at the empty tomb with John (Chapter 20: 8-9) – He was probably there in verses 19-21 when Jesus stood among them and addressed them – and - no doubt he was there again in verse Continue Reading

He Is Lord

March 30 - Today's Readings - John 17-18 and Psalms 90 Two thoughts struck me today in our Gospel of John reading. 1) In John 17, Jesus makes a direct link between the unity of believers and the world "believing" in Him. In other words - we have a direct role to play - even without saying a word. Our responsibility is to be one, united in one purpose, in our love for God and for each other. Continue Reading

What Is LOVE?

March 29 - John 15-16 and Psalms 89 It's amazing to me how Jesus could so easily simplify concepts - and yet use such rich language doing so. Twice in this reading He insists that His simple command is; "love each other". Seemingly, in these three words, Jesus sums up all the Commandments, the Law of Moses, all the other ceremonial laws - in fact the entire Bible. Think of it - the Spirit of Continue Reading

Are You Clean?

March 28 - Today's Readings - John 13-14 and Psalms 88 Talk about two lessons in one! First Jesus teaches the disciples that they should be humble servants to one another - to the point of washing one another's feet - but then He also instructs us about how to remain “clean". Verses 6-10 of Chapter 13 gives the account of a verbal exchange between Peter and Jesus - Peter unwilling to let Continue Reading

Our Place And Our Nation

March 27 - Today's Readings - John 11-12 and Psalms 87 When the Jewish leaders heard that Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead, one of the things they said about Jesus' popularity was that the Romans would come and “take away both our place and our nation". Later in John 12:25 Jesus declared, "The man who loves his life will lose it". Later still, in verses 42-43 of the same chapter, this Continue Reading