How Would You Like To Go On A Mission’s Trip With Paul?

April 18 – Today’s Readings – Acts 16-18 and Psalms 108

How would you like to go on a mission’s trip with Paul? First off, the elders of the local Church sent him and he was expected to stay accountable to those local Church elders. He was sent with fasting and prayer (but probably no cash and no means of support). He had a couple of guys with him, Silas and Timothy, who were expected to work as they went so that they could be a self-supporting team. The three men lived on two labourer salaries for the most part.Continue Reading

Issues in the New Testament Church

April 17 – Today’s Readings – Acts 13-15 and Psalms 107
Even in the very early New Testament Churches there were people with personal issues – those who had conflict over doctrine – and some who were having quarrels over staffing of missionary positions.John-Mark is a perfect example of a young “minister of the Gospel” who [...]

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They Spoke In Tongues

April 16 – Today’s Readings – Acts 10-12 and Psalms 106
The book of Acts repeatedly speaks of individuals and groups of people being “Baptized in the Holy Spirit”. One of the questions we have to ask is; how did the disciples know that someone had been filled with the Spirit? Was there evidence of this [...]

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In Tarsus

April 15 – Today’s Readings – Acts 7-9 and Psalms 105
I have always been intrigued by the account of Saul’s conversion and early Christian life.After being knocked off his horse by the bright light from heaven, he began immediately to preach and convince people about Jesus. Acts 7:20-22 reads this way, “At once he began [...]

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Ordinary Fellows

April 14 – Today’s Readings – Acts 4-6 and Psalms 104
Once again there is far too much material in this reading to comment on so I will restrict myself to a single meditation. Something radical happened to the Apostles in the beginning of the Book of Acts. They went from being men who ran away [...]

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