Perfect? Righteous?

October 22 – Today’s Readings – Job 31-33 and Psalms 112

Job’s youngest “friend”, Elihu seemed to be onto something when he suggested that there was no one without sin.This of course is the  truth, for no one ever overcame sin except our Lord Jesus – he was The Lamb of God, without defect. Job’s understanding of sin may have been a little different from ours because he had not heard the teachings of Christ. Do you remember when the Lord said?Continue Reading

Be Wise

October 21 – Today’s Readings – Job 28-30 and Psalms111
Job 28-30 clearly outlines the torment of a suffering man’s soul. The biggest problem with Job’s pain was that God seemed to be missing as a Friend – a Counselor – a Shepherd. In his desperate condition, Job saw God only as his enemy – and [...]

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A Fleeting Shadow

October 20 – Today’s Readings Job 25-27 and Psalms 110
Let me comment on a subject that both Job and his friends agreed on. LIFE IS SHORT, and after death comes THE JUDGMENT. Some of the other themes of this book focus on coping with difficulty and tragedy but the theme of the “brevity of life” [...]

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Not Easily Condemned

October 19 – Today’s Readings – Job 22-24 and Psalms 109
Job 23:3-12 reads, “If only I knew where to find him if only I could go to his dwelling! I would state my case before him and fill my mouth with arguments. I would find out what he would answer me, and consider what he [...]

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Broke or Rich

October 18 – Today’s Readings – Job – 19-21 and Psalms 108
Now we come to an interesting point of conversation in our study. In these three chapters Job declares that wicked men often are better off in this world than righteous men.They often have more wealth – they seem to have healthy bodies and no [...]

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