Strong and Courageous

April 23 – Today’s Readings – Joshua 1-3 and Psalms 113

“Be strong and courageous” – Four times in one chapter Joshua is reminded by God and by the people to follow this command. How important do you think these attributes are in a Christian’s life?Continue Reading

A Strange Travel Brochure

 April 22 – Today’s Readings – Acts 27-28 and Psalms 112
See the world!
Experience adventure tourism!
FEATURING the “extreme sport” of radical evangelism!
Shipwrecks! Beatings! Miracles!
Churches planted! Souls saved!
Demons cast out!

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Christ In You

April 21 – Today’s Readings – Acts 25-26 and Psalms 111
I saw a fresh perspective on Paul’s gospel (Christ’s gospel really – but the one Paul preached)as I read this portion of Scripture. First off, let me reiterate from yesterday’s reading that both rich and poor, noble and peasant need to hear the gospel – [...]

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To The Rich And The Poor

April 20 – Today’s Readings – Acts 22-24 and Psalms 110
It’s amazing how God sometimes “fixes a fix” for us in order to accomplish His divine plan- And His plan is simple – God wants to have the Word preached to everyone – influential people and the “low-down”; soldiers, politicians, despot rulers and billionaires. It [...]

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Why Miracles?

April 19 – Today’s Readings – Acts 19-21 and Psalms 109
It’s amazing to read about all the genuine miracles that are spoken of in the book of Acts. Here we find so many outstanding signs and wonders being done by Paul that people were bringing pieces of cloth for Paul to touch.Those pieces of cloth [...]

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