Sin Brings Calamity

May 29 – Today’s Readings – 2Samuel 13-15 and Psalms 149

Back in Chapter 11 David had a major moral failure and sinned. Nathan the prophet confronted him in Chapter 12 and said, “Out of your household I am going to bring calamity upon you”. Chapters 13-15 certainly reflect a series of “calamities” for David, his family and his kingdom because it seems everything fell apart morally within his family.Continue Reading

Big Sin But Bigger Forgiveness

May 28 – Today’s Readings – 2Samuel 10-12 and Psalms 148
David is well known for a lot of things – positive things – Godly things – kingdom building things. He is rarely spoken of, however without mention of “his sin with Bathsheba”. If you were Bathsheba, how would you like your name to be so closely […]

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You Will Be Blessed

May 27 – Today’s Readings – 2Samuel 7-9 and Psalms 147
“The Lord gave David victory wherever he went”. This phrase is repeated twice in these chapters and should be of great interest to you and I. The only reason the Lord seems to have done this for David is because David was putting God first […]

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A New Kind Of Leader

May 26 – Today’s Readings – 2Samuel 4-6 and Psalms 146
King David certainly started out well. He didn’t avenge himself on the household of Saul and protected the memory of “the Lord’s anointed” – which in this case meant Saul’s family. While he was the “King in waiting”, he delayed his ascension to the throne so […]

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May 25 – Today’s Readings – 2Samuel 1-3 and Psalms 145
Well, here we are, already in the book of 2 Samuel. The first book was intense and the second is also adrenaline-charged. 2Samuel contains many details of David’s kingship and some of the secrets that made him “a man after God’s own heart”.

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